You need to fill the Application Form, you can find the "Apply Now" button on the home page.

But It is important to read "Who Should Apply" and the requirements before you start.

Hikmat_Leaders is a 4-month program, that starts on the 9th September and finishes on December 15th 2018.
The sessions are on Saturdays from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

We take into consideration holidays and exam dates.

It is one of the requirements before you apply to Hikmat_Leaders. You can take the test at Al Jude.

We have tests on Tuesdays from:
12 - 1 pm
1 - 2 pm

Please contact us for more details at info@hikmatleaders.org. or call us at (06) 5661831

No, “Hikmat_Leaders” is an inspiring leadership accelerator that does not require any monetary contribution from the participant side. We only need your commitment and strong will

We have different types of a day:

1. A normal day: You will be exposed to different sessions: decoding leaders, breakfast series, Leaders talk, Quote of the Day, Leadership behaviors, activities and games, leadership scenarios,...
2. A special day: We cover a training on a certain topic in an energetic way.

Of course, NO Lecturing is allowed in our sessions. We assure you from the time you enter till the last hour you will be engaged and having fun.

Other than the practical leadership training, it will also give you the opportunity to challenge yourself, know your strength & weaknesses and leadership style. Also You will have the opportunity to meet and have discussions with a number of the top Jordanian leaders, which will enrich your circle of contacts.

And after your graduation from Hikmat_Leaders, you will receive a certificate and you will be part of "Hikmat_Leaders” Alumni, which will help you stay in contact with the “Hikmat_Leaders” community, and will expand your opportunities for employment or starting your own business.

You need to be committed, attend all the sessions, and be active all the time. You have to do your reading and preparation before each session. And of course, you have to complete your assignments as an individual and as a part of a group.

Hikmat_Leaders Boot camp is a 3-day camp, that will start on the 30th of Aug till 1st of September 2018.
It is the final stage in the selection process, and the final names for the program will be selected.

We will send you material and assignments to work on before the bootcamp.

We promise you, the 3 days will be very engaging.

There are 5 stages for the selection:
1. Application form
2. Submit a video
3. Interview 1
4. Interview 2
5. Boot Camp

Once the registration is closed on the 30th of June 2018, all the applications will be reviewed. If your application qualifies you to the next stage, you will receive an email to congratulate you and we will send you the requirements for the next stage.

In case you were disqualified at any stage, you will receive an apology email.

Hikmat_Leaders is a four months program (15 weeks). It starts on the 9th of September and ends on the 15th of December 2018.

Any energetic, self-reliant, young university student in his/her last year, who has done some basic leadership training, had some voluntary work, and created impact within his family, society, university…

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