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Unleash The Leader Within. 


“The strong and vibrant Jordan needs innovative, passionate, inspiring high-impact leaders. That's what we believe, and it is the reason behind the Hikmat_Leaders program”

What We Do


Hikmat_leaders is an initiative of “AlJude for non-profit Organization” . It aims to accelerate the leadership development process that most leaders eventually experience during their career. Typically, it takes years—or a series of difficult experiences—for one to become an effective leader.

Hikmat_leaders  believes that leadership can be taught and seeks to provide participants during a 4 months program with a safe environment to develop and sharpen their leadership skills. Through carefully designed  leadership simulation scenarios and experiences, participants gain experience and knowledge by acting as leaders not being lectured endlessly.

Why Participate

Unleash the leader within


Stand out from the crowd- outperform, outsmart, and outthink others. You will be dramatically improve the way you live , work and succeed

Practice leadership from day one


Spend most of your time practicing leadership by serving the role of a leader facing a variety of leadership situations. We will have no tolerance for traditional boring class room lectures

Meet & network with Leaders


Meet more than 50 influential leaders from all walks of life and learn from them

Receive one-on-one mentorships


Be mentored privately by more than one influential leaders

Find your dream job upon graduation


Your Hikmat_leaders certification signals your leadership potential. Our program will expand your opportunities for employment or starting your own business

Become part of high impact leadership network


Become a member of an alumni network giving you opportunities to collaborate, network and grow

Have fun


We believe that without having fun nothing is sustainable so we assure you that fun will be embedded into everything you will do

Be a Leader. Make a Change 

Apply Now

Who Should Apply

University students graduating in 2024, 2023 or recently graduated (less than one year), who are willing to:

      • Dedicate 10 - 15 hours per week
      • Attend our weekly sessions in Amman at Al Jude premises on Saturdays from 9 am until 1 pm 
      • Attend our online weekly Tuesday sessions on Zoom from 6 pm until  8 pm


If you find the above in you, then fill out the application form. CLICK HERE

What We Look For

Your growth and potential

Your growth and potential

  • Have you been stretching yourself?
  • How did you use your time?
  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Do you have a direction yet?
  • Where will you be in one, five, or 25 years?
Your interests and activities

Your interests and activities

  • Do you care deeply about anything—intellectual? Activities? Personal?
  • What have you done with your interests?
  • How have you achieved results?
Your character and personality

Your character and personality

  • What choices have you made for yourself?
  • How open are you to new ideas and people?
  • How is your character and your personality?
Your Contribution to our community

Your Contribution to our community

  • Will you be able to stand up to the pressures & freedoms of both university & Hikmat_leaders program life?
  • Will you contribute something to Hikmat_leaders and to your team members ?


Ahmad Sharawi

Ebtihal Saqr

Amenah Bustami

Abdalla Alhaleem

Mohammad Sammour

Sarah Kashmar

Salah Aldeen

Aya Khirfan

Aseel Noor

Rasha Alshrideh

Adham Sammour

Mohammad Yaseen

Zain Al Faqih

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